Production and traceability

We work with effort to achieve a sole goal:
obtaining a healthy, homogeneous and quality plant to be able to deliver
it at the right time.

Plant health

Keeping plant health and hygiene through internal protocols allows us to prevent any outbreak of pests and diseases.


In-vitro hybrids, clonal and certificated patterns. The best start of a production.

R&D in production systems

We believe in the research, development and innovation of new plant production systems, through studies and tests conducted by our own technical team.

Latest News

Starts micro-grafting campaign with the Rootpac 40 rootstock

Specialised in stone fruit trees, Viveros Hernandorena uses the Rootpac 40 rootstock as a reference when it comes to improving fruit quality and size, increasing production and tree resistance to nematodes and limestone. Hernandorena nursery continues to make progress in its specialisation as a stone fruit nursery. In this sense, it is now starting its […]

The internal processes behind the varietal reliability label

The Viveros Hernandorena seal of Varietal Reliability hides a series of internal processes, with a high degree of technical expertise and specialisation, which guarantee varietal authenticity, varietal adaptability and plant health. Viveros Hernandorena presented few months ago its seal of Varietal Reliability, its own certification that endorses its work methodology under three concepts: Varietal Authenticity; […]

Varietal Reliability

Viveros Hernandorena takes a step forward by offering its customers a seal that encompasses and guarantees aspects such as varietal authenticity, adaptability and plant health, and which from this campaign it will accompany all its plants on the label. Viveros Hernandorena, from Benimodo (Valencia), specialized in fruit plants, among which kaki, stone fruit, almond, pomegranate, […]