Production and traceability

We work with effort to achieve a sole goal:
obtaining a healthy, homogeneous and quality plant to be able to deliver
it at the right time.

Plant health

Keeping plant health and hygiene through internal protocols allows us to prevent any outbreak of pests and diseases.


In-vitro hybrids, clonal and certificated patterns. The best start of a production.

R&D in production systems

We believe in the research, development and innovation of new plant production systems, through studies and tests conducted by our own technical team.

Latest News

Hernandorena leads the modernization of traditional carob tree cultivation to intensive irrigation

For more than a decade, Viveros Hernandorena has been developing an ambitious R&D research project, in collaboration with the Asociación Empresas Innovadoras de la Garrofa (EiG), focused on improving the quality of carob plants and the transformation of traditional cultivation to intensive irrigation. Spain is the world’s leading producer and exporter of carob, mainly in […]

Hernandorena expands its portfolio with bare root plants

This will be its first year with a significant commercial volume of bare root stone fruit plants, more than 50,000, in a sales format that allows it to put plants on the market competitively without reducing quality. The year 2024 begins for Viveros Hernandorena in the middle of the stone fruit sales campaign, with forecasts […]

We reinforce us presence as a reference in stone fruit plants

Varieties that stand out for their quality and production, diversity in sales formats, safety and plant health, these are some of the values that differentiate Viveros Hernandorena and make it a reference in the production and marketing of stone fruit plants. According to their forecasts, Viveros Hernandorena will close 2023 with a total sales volume […]