• Wranja

It has a very large fruit, with yellow skin and aromatic pulp; it ripens in October. The quince flesh is used mainly for the production of jams; it is a very vigorous tree. Under irrigated conditions, the productions are very high. The maximum recommended planting frame is 5 × 3 because it has a very upright growth. Apply drip irrigation in short, frequent watering. It does not demand much water. No excesses, to keep sugars in fruit, better default watering than excessively. No break roots, as it lows yields. It is advised no-till farming.
Pruning indications: Pruning Training: important to open the tree a lot. Only prune in winter, it does not tolerate well the pruning in spring / summer.
Maintenance pruning: once a year, clean too vigorously branches (suckers), remove some unwanted or twisted vegetation.
Reference areas for cultivation in Spain: Cordoba and Extremadura.

Rootstocks:hernandorena membrillo

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