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1-Dig a hole in the ground of 10 cm. deep approximately.
2-Remove the root ball from the pot. Crumble one third of the root ball taking a couple of taps on the ground to loosen the roots. Roots should not stay long time in contact with air.
3-Place the plant in the hole; provide land to the level of the substrate, maximum 2 cm. above, thus diseases and root asphyxia are prevented. Never bury the plant to the point of the graft. Gently press the soil around the plant.
4-Limit the plant at 20-40 cm above the graft depending on the species.
5-Irrigate immediately with plenty of water. Keep one dropper to 5 cm of the root ball for a couple of months.


  • Never forget that the new planting requires more care; plants are young, tender and delicate.
  • Periodically, cut the sprouts that come out of the rootstock. 
  • After two months of planting, if you employ a drip irrigation system, you must separate the line drippers at 30 cm. from the trunk to prevent an excessive dampness in the neck of the plant.
  • Perform several green pruning as shape pruning, and thus it will balance the tree between the root and the branches of the aerial part of the tree.
  • Reduce the application of nitrogen fertilizers and the abusive irrigation. Apply short and frequent doses. Apply microelements.

BASIC PHYTOSANITARY TREATMENTS: Start these treatments at the beginning of the new budding plant to maintain a good sanitary level. 15-20 days should elapse between treatments as follows:. 

Nº 1: CLORTALONIL  at doses of 2.5 kg/1000 litres along with TMTD, dose of 2.5 kg/1000 litres.

Nº 2: FOSETIL-AL at doses of 2.5 kg. /1000 litres.

Nº 3: METIL-TIOFANATO at doses of 1.5 kg/1000 litres.

HERBICIDES: Keep the soil around the plant without weeds. We recommend contact herbicides; never use translocated herbicides till the second year of the plant. We recommend the use of Finale and Goal, never glyphosate-Roundup.

INSECTICIDES: Consult Technical Department depending on the time and the incidents observed in the orchard.

For further information contact to the Technical Department at: +34 96 253 26 81.