Production and traceability

We work with effort to achieve a sole goal:
obtaining a healthy, homogeneous and quality plant to be able to deliver
it at the right time.

Plant health

Keeping plant health and hygiene through internal protocols allows us to prevent any outbreak of pests and diseases.


In-vitro hybrids, clonal and certificated patterns. The best start of a production.

R&D in production systems

We believe in the research, development and innovation of new plant production systems, through studies and tests conducted by our own technical team.

Latest News

Quince plant of field nursery, a new vision of the micrograft based planting format

The nursery offer in quince plant (Cydonia oblonga), traditionally, focused on the production and multiplication of the plant in the field, presenting itself for sale in the format of a 2-year-old tree with bare roots. At Hernandorena we think that it is a product that, although a minority, had to be modernized, so we began […]

Merry Cristhmas

This year has been different, quite complicated and with a lot of uncertainty. Digitizing ourselves has been a way of survival, quickly accepting changes to modernize ourselves and learn more about social networks, all seen as a challenge to modify our customs. Our secret has been to remain optimistic and strong at this time of […]

Phytosanitary Passport Plant

Since last December 14, 2019, a new law about the application of the Phytosanitary Passport in plants has entered into force. From Viveros Hernandorena we want to inform our clients about the details of the law: look at these links, link 1 and link 2. Our company is already 100% within the legal framework with […]