Production and traceability

We work with effort to achieve a sole goal:
obtaining a healthy, homogeneous and quality plant to be able to deliver
it at the right time.

Plant health

Keeping plant health and hygiene through internal protocols allows us to prevent any outbreak of pests and diseases.


In-vitro hybrids, clonal and certificated patterns. The best start of a production.

R&D in production systems

We believe in the research, development and innovation of new plant production systems, through studies and tests conducted by our own technical team.

Latest News

Towards sustainability

The company VIVERS HERNANDORENA, S.L. has participated carrying out the project of “Installation of photovoltaic panels in greenhouses”, File Nº. IMEREH / 2018/25 with the following objectives and results:   Vivers Hernandorena, S.L., has reduced its footprint and environmental impact by installing photovoltaic panels that will allow it to use renewable energies to obtain energy […]

Diospyros virginiana, an eco-efficient rootstock for kaki

The cultivation of persimmon in areas where there are limiting factors such as the low rainfall, bad quality of the irrigation wáter, the insufficient permeability of the soil that avoids the infiltration of the irrigagtion and the use of fertilizers with excessive amounts of chloride, influence negatively in the expansion of this crop and in […]