• Fruit trees à la carte
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Persimmon pioneers

Production and selling of fruit trees both bare-root and container-grown. THE NURSERY The tree nursery is located in a decisive place in the ... [Leer más]

The pomegranate

In recent years we have seen an increasing use of this fruit, due to its healthy good qualities, and also due to the improvement in the presentation of the fourth range and juices. The farmer's interest in this crop has increased for its good profitability. Besides that, Europe is the largest consumer of this fruit. Planting frame: 4-5m. per street * 3-4 m. per line. It is a fruit bush, not a ... [Leer más]

Fruit trees à la carte

Viveros Hernandorena is a company in full process of expansion, dedicated to the production of fruit plants potted and bareroots, which already has ... [Leer más]