Production facilities

The company is divided into several production centers with a total production land area of 12 hectare:

  • Benimodo Nursery: it is the “nerve center” of the company, consisting of a multi-tunnel greenhouse for the production of micro-grafting and potted plant, distributed in several areas of work. Here, automation and new technologies are the main protagonist. The warehouse and offices are also located at the entrance of this place.

Area: 4 ha.
Capacity: 800.000 plants.

hernandorena instalaciones

  • Plots: Adjacent lands to the central facilities of Benimodo, there is where the plant production area is placed.

Area: 4 ha.
Capacity: 150.000 plants.

hernandorena campo

  • Mother plant orchard: eit is the source of plant material for grafts. Its goal is the varietal and sanitary maintenance of buds.

Area: 1 ha.
Capacity: 700 plants.

  • Carlet Nursery: there we produce fruit trees in pots for gardening.

Area: 1 ha.
Capacity: 40.000 plants.

  • Catadau Villa: it is an agricultural plot destined to the planting of fruit trees for fruit commercialization and technical testing.

Area: 2 ha.