Fruit trees à la carte

Viveros Hernandorena is a company in full process of expansion, dedicated to the production of fruit plants potted and bareroots, which already has presence in different countries and counts with the experience of three generations in the nursery sector. It is specialized in the sale of potted fruit trees, which offers the possibility of planting throughout the year..

Located in the Valencian town of Carlet, it has three production centers, which performs several plants producing fruit species mainly engaged in professional producer, among which are, in order of importance: peach, nectarine, almond, plum, persimmon, apricot, olive and quince. They also have a close relationship with major hybridizers and public and private research centers, what allows them to offer their clients the latest varieties’ obtenings and production techniques.

Primarily, the company bases its production system in the micro-graft, which then goes through the different formats of cultivation that it uses: container, hydroponic cultivation and orchard. “With the micro-grafting technique we ensure the production of the plant combining variety, rootstock and the format of choice for our clients, in a relatively short time.” explains Rosa Hernandorena, Sales Manager of the company.

The pot as sale format offers the possibility of plantations throughout the year, thus improving the service, which is completed with the transport tracking and direct delivery to the client, always with a fast and convenient packaging.

Regarding health and safety, Viveros Hernandorena has two agricultural technicians on staff to ensure the maximum quality and phytosanitary control of all production, in addition to the control and analysis performed by the Plant Health Service of the Department of Agriculture of the Valencian Community. “We recently implemented a computer system which gets the traceability of any departure from its order date to the delivery date, furthermore all plants are unitarily labeled to avoid any varietal error,” they explain.

As short-term objectives, they contemplate to extend the production of potted plant, as demand increases significantly each year, and open new lines of R & D to different species and retail formats.

Hernandorena organizes visits to their experimental orchards of stone fruit

As every year, Viveros Hernandorena organizes an exhibition at their experimental orchard and plots of reference with different fruit species selections obtained by well-known hybridization companies and plant breeding. This year we have an own experimental orchard in Carlet (Valencia) with over 50 varieties of fruit for field observation. You can visit also the experimental orchards of different breeders whom we work with..

 With the arrival of the period of early stone fruit ripening and harvest, Hernandorena programs weekly visits to the plots for you to know in advance the varieties that they are currently multiplying. We understand that the best choice for future planting is better done watching the new varieties fruit on the tree, in situ, in the orchard.

For more information, anyone interested in participating in these visits can contact with any of the commercial area managers:

  • Gabriel Fernández (Andalusia Area Delegate): 619 07 86 07
  • Rosa Hernandorena (Commercial Director): 687 40 95 83
  • Fernando Hernandorena (Manager): 600 41 81 50

Likewise, the coming days 8th and 9th of June, it will take place EXPO-HERNANDORENA, a fruit exposure in the new Benimodo facilities (Saturday until noon).Here we will collect the most important stone fruit varieties from different breeders, which will be collected in their ripening from late April to early June.