Hernandorena organizes visits to their experimental orchards of stone fruit

As every year, Viveros Hernandorena organizes an exhibition at their experimental orchard and plots of reference with different fruit species selections obtained by well-known hybridization companies and plant breeding. This year we have an own experimental orchard in Carlet (Valencia) with over 50 varieties of fruit for field observation. You can visit also the experimental orchards of different breeders whom we work with..

 With the arrival of the period of early stone fruit ripening and harvest, Hernandorena programs weekly visits to the plots for you to know in advance the varieties that they are currently multiplying. We understand that the best choice for future planting is better done watching the new varieties fruit on the tree, in situ, in the orchard.

For more information, anyone interested in participating in these visits can contact with any of the commercial area managers:

  • Gabriel Fernández (Andalusia Area Delegate): 619 07 86 07
  • Rosa Hernandorena (Commercial Director): 687 40 95 83
  • Fernando Hernandorena (Manager): 600 41 81 50

Likewise, the coming days 8th and 9th of June, it will take place EXPO-HERNANDORENA, a fruit exposure in the new Benimodo facilities (Saturday until noon).Here we will collect the most important stone fruit varieties from different breeders, which will be collected in their ripening from late April to early June.