Sweet Ring

Collection: CRA (FC).
Spring Lady x Stark Saturn.
No. sol. Registration: OEVV-20084837.
Peach plane.
Early variety with yellow flesh, harvest before UFO 3.
Vegetative features: high force plant with semi-open growing.
Flowering: same flowering period than UFO 4, it is very high with good quality flowers. It has a high need for thinning.
Ripening: A few days before UFO 3.
Fruit features:
Medium fruit size (65-70 mm), with colour in the 70-100%. Its epidermis is thin and balding.
The pulp is fairly consistent with semi-adhered bone.
The enclosure blossom is good and low sensitivity to cracking.
It has very good eating quality, juicy flesh with a sweet flavour and aroma.
The production is medium, but very interesting for the early season.