Pink Ring

Good production. Obtention: CRA (Forlí) (Flavortop x Snowqueen) x Stark Saturn
No. sol. Registration: OEVV-20084838
Flat white flesh peach
Vegetative features:
Plant of medium-high vigour, with half open growing and a rapid entry into production; it has good hardiness and a good productive performance.
Same flowering time as UFO-4 ®, it is high with quality flowers. It has a high need for thinning.
15 days after UFO-4 ®.
Fruit features:
Fruit of regular form, with a higher size than UFO-4 ®, (+70 mm), colored in 70-100% of the fruit. Not anticipate the harvest to avoid penalizing the coloration.
The pulp is of a good-medium consistency with semi-attached bone.
The enclosure blossom is good and it has low sensitivity to cracking.
It has a good quality flavour, with juicy, very sweet and aromatic. 11.7 ° Brix, 3.2 g / l acidity.