Suitability: Oil
Productivity: High.
Alternation: Constant.
Entry into production: Precocious.
Rooting: High.
Oil yield: High.
Oil quality: Middle
Peel Strength: Low.
Vigor: High.
Habit: Open.
Density of the cup: Thickens.
Weight fruit: High.
Shape Fruit: Ovoid.
Fruit apex: Joined at targeted.
Nipple Fruit: Obvious.
Ripening Colour: Black.
Tolerance to
Frost: High
Leaf Spot: Low.
Olive fly: Moderate
Drought: Low.
Tuberculosis: High
Verticillium: Very low.
Comment: It is the most cultivated in Spain, it was introduced in Valencia in the 80s, reaching widespread. It produces medium quality bitter oils very resistant to rancidity. Rapid entry in production, it is quite sensitive to verticillium.