Manzanilla Villalonga

Suitability: Oil table.
Productivity: High.
Alternation: Constant.
Entry into production: Middle.
Rooting: High.
Oil yield: High.
Oil quality: Middle.
Peel Strength: Low.
Vigor: High.
Habit: Erect.
Density of the cup: lighter
Fruit weight: High to middle.
Fruit Shape: Spherical.
Fruit apex: Rounded.
Nipple Fruit: Obvious or sketched.
Ripening Color: Black.
Tolerance to
Frost: low.
Leaf Spot: low.
Olive: low
Drought: low.
Tuberculosis: Moderate.
Verticillium: High.
Comments: This is the most widely grown variety in C.Valenciana. The branches with leaves and buds are characterized by their great thickness. It adapts well to mechanical harvesting because of its upright habit and ease of fruit detachment.