Suitability: Oil table.
Productivity: High.
Alternation: Alternate bearing.
Oil yield: Low.
Oil quality: High.
Flowering: Middle.
Maturation: Late.
Peel Strength: High.
Vigor: High.
Habit: Open.
Density of the glass: Medium.
Weight fruit: High.
Fruit shape: ovoid- spherical.
Symmetry: slightly asymmetrical.
Transverse diameter Position: Centered.
Fruit apex: Rounded.
Fruit Base: Rounded.
Nipple Fruit: Absent.
Ripening Color: Black.
Tolerance to
Frost: Low
Leaf Spot: Moderate
Drought: Low
Tuberculosis: Moderate
Verticillium: Moderate
Comments: The leaves of this variety are characterized by its whitish underside colour, fact which gives it its name.