Suitability: Oil table.
Productivity: High.
Alternation: Constant.
Entry into production: Precocious.
Rooting: High.
Oil yield: High.
Oil quality: High.
Peel Strength: High.
Vigour: Middle.
Size of the tree: Open to weeping.
Density of the glass: Middle.
Fruit weight: Low.
Fruit Shape: Spherical.
Fruit apex: Rounded.
Nipple Fruit: Absent or sketched.
Ripening Colour: Black.
Tolerance to
Frost: High.
Leaf Spot: High.
Olive fly: Moderate.
Drought: High.
Tuberculosis: Moderate.
Verticillium: High.
Comments: Variety introduced in Valencia during the 90s, which has achieved widespread thanks to its rapid entry into production and high productivity. It has a gradual ripening of fruits and a costly harvest.