Vegetative features:
Variety of medium vigor, erect carriage and an average of 3 side shoots by central shoot.
Approximately 83% and 15.5% of the central and lateral buds, respectively, are fruitful. Productive variety.

Medium size leaves and medium density tooth. Intermediated apex form and curved cross-section.
Sprouting dates:
Fall sprouting: 11 days after Algerie
Spring sprouting: as Algerie does
Summer sprouting: 14 days after Algerie

Full flowering takes place 11 days after to Algerie.
Conic panicle with moderate-abundant flowering (average of 167 flowers / panicle), of white-yellowish colour; fruit set of 8.14%.

Fruit features:
Ripening: 13 days after Algerie.
Fruit with oval cross-section, slightly angular, obtuse peduncle’s area, slight opened calix cavity and flat apex. Both skin and flesh are yellow-orange.
Weight medium of 60.62 g., medium caliber 48.51 mm., thickness of 8.85 mm pulp.
Easy peeling and good taste fruit.
Soluble solids: 10.90 º Brix.
Acidity: 8.26 g / l AC. malic acid.
Firmness: 1.34 Kg/cm2.
Elliptical seeds, medium weight of 9.50 g. and an average of 3.67 seeds per fruit.

Overall evaluation:
It is a Japanese origin variety which has been grown traditionally in areas of Sagunto (Valencia) and Segorbe (Castellón). It is a late variety, productive, with good size and very good organoleptic features. Good choice for raised or colder areas.