Golden Nugget

Vegetative characteristics:
Very vigorous variety, carrying semi-open and half of 3 side shoots by central shoot.
Approximately 83.5% and 27% of the central and lateral buds, respectively, are fruitful. Low production variety.

Large sheets, spaced teeth. Intermediate apex shape and cross-section curve.
Sprouting dates:
Fall sprouting: 9 days before Algerie
Spring sprouting: 3 days before Algerie
Summer sprouting: 4 days after Algerie

Full flowering takes place 13 days after Algerie.
Conic panicle with moderate-abundant flowering (average of 189 flowers / panicle), of white colour; 7.35% fruit set.

Fruit characteristics:
It ripens one day after Algerie.
Oval fruit, rounded cross section, pointed peduncle’s area, slight opened calix cavity and flat apex. Both skin and flesh are yellow-orange.
Medium weight of 54.55 g., medium size of 45.33 mm. and thickness of 9.96 mm pulp.
Easy peeling and mediocre taste. Sensitive to spots.
Soluble solids: 10.96 º Brix.
Acidity: 3.95 g / l AC. malic acid.
Firmness: 0.91 Kg/cm2.
Rounded seeds, medium weight of 8.10 g. and an average of 3.21 seeds per fruit.

Overall evaluation:
California originally variety. Besides having a low production, under our conditions, has spotted problems.