Vegetative features:
Vigorous variety, erect carriage and an average of 3 side shoots by central shoot.
Approximately 85% and 60% of central and lateral shoots, respectively, are fruitful. Productive variety.

Large leaves, spaced teeth. Intermediate apex form and curve cross-section.
Sprouting dates:
Fall sprouting: 1st week of October (October 4th)
Spring sprouting: mid-March (March 16th)
Summer sprouting: 1st week of June (June 1st)

Full flowering takes place between the first ten days of November (November 8th).
Conic panicle with abundant flowering (average of 200 flowers / panicle) of white colour and 6.26% fruit set.

Fruit features:
Ripening in the 1st week of May (May 3rd ).
Rounded-elongated fruit, slight angular cross section, obtuse peduncle’s area, slight opened calix cavity and flat apex. Both skin and flesh are yellow-orange.
Medium weight of 65.0 g., Medium caliber 50.03 mm. and thickness of the pulp 11.17 mm. Easy peel and good tasty fruit.
Soluble solids: 10.86 º Brix.
Acidity: 13.35 g / l AC. malic acid.
Firmness: 1.11 Kg/cm2.
Elliptical seeds, medium weight of 7.30 g. and an average of 2.3 seeds per fruit.

Overall evaluation:
Variety coming from a germinated seed in Algeria but commercially multiplied in Callosa d’Ensarrià. It is the variety grown per excellence in the Valencian Community, especially in the province of Alicante (95%). It has good vegetative features and very good organoleptic characteristics.