Fruit gardening line

In 2008 the business was expanded with the introduction of a new line of production and commercialization of rooted fruit tree for the gardening sector. Today this project is successfully established, for both clients and Hernandorena, with a different and trusty product, adapted to the present moment.

Hernandorena Frutal Jardinería

This project is subject to various guidelines studied according to the market need:

  • Its main goal is to satisfy customers with a modern product and a complete service.
  • Variety throughout the year, it has a wide range of species and varieties in any season, as the plant is grown in the same pot from grafted patterns with micro-grafting technique. Furthermore, each campaign tries to add a new article to the range
  • Guaranteed quality and specialization:

– Trained plant which gets a straight trunk. It is ramified, with 1 meter high from the cross and with a minimum of 3-4 branches of 30-40 cm. per species.C-17, C-20 and C-22 terracotta colour pot, according to species.
– Red Pot C-17, C-20 and C-22, according to species.
– Size 4-6 y 6-8.
Unitary labelling, standard fruit square photo and CAC-CE yellow label without logo. Thus, the plant is sold totally identified (rootstock, variety, format, etc…) and with barcode.
– Packing with American wooden pallet with fixed sides for a safe transport.
Minimum orders for shipments of 1 pallet, with a capacity of at least 86 plants of all varietal range according species and sale format chosen,  in order  to suit the client’s needs and their particular consumption.
Fast delivery service, within 2-3 business days after departure.
Varietal security which ensures the accuracy and quality of the variety ordered.
– Mostly hybrid rootstocks, which give safety to the plant when it takes roots at the transplant in the land. They also give greater resistance to pests and diseases.
Homogeneity in all physical characteristics, both in colour, height, size, branches, format, etc… in all the plants of the same species.
Ease in handling, as the plant has been cultivated in the pot and under protective cover, which favours economic savings for the garden centre or the wholesaler who purchases this product. In addition, the plant is always ROOTED.

Hernandorena detalle raiz frutal jardinería